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Andrea Constand is the Executive Director and current President of HHT. Heavily experienced and passionate about empowering survivors, Andrea is dedicating her future to helping victims/survivors of sexual assault find hope, recover from trauma, and begin the journey towards healing.

Read our Founders Story

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SAFEAPP™ stands for Survivors Achieving Freedom and Empowerment and is an integrative app and support hub with a Mind/Body/Spirit program; with lessons given as three separate modules over 21 days. Each module allows survivors a safe space to uncover and unravel their healing process. It will combine support, research, meditation, a community forum, resource hub, library, and emotional and legal assistance. The SAFEAPP™ will be available for download on iPhone and Android devices on June 15th, 2020.

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HHT wouldn’t exist without our incredible volunteers—they are the heart of our organization. There are varying opportunities with different time commitments available, we are open to tailoring positions for our volunteers based on skill sets. We are currently seeking coders and social media positions.

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SAFEAPP™- Survivors Achieving Freedom and Empowerment

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The road to physical and mental recovery after sexual assault can be gruelling and overwhelming. Survivors may question whether they deserve to heal or if they are worthy of the…


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