The road to physical and mental recovery after sexual assault can be gruelling and overwhelming. Survivors may question whether they deserve to heal or if they are worthy of the help. While we must challenge ourself to stay physically healthy, our mental health is put to the test. How do we make ourselves feel less alone, even though we are physically closed off from any sense of normalcy?

In the next few weeks, HHT will be releasing the SAFEAPP, which stands for “Survivors Achieving Freedom and Empowerment.” SAFEAPP will be available for download on iPhone or Android devices to give survivors immediate free access to a wide variety of resources and support. This mobile application is designed to bring survivors together and enable us to feel part of an accepting community.

SAFEAPP provides survivors with resources they may need to heal and achieve spiritual transformation. This application will include links to counselling services, as well as offer survivors the opportunity to submit contact forms if they wish to sign up for healing programs. SAFEAPP will grant users easy access to legal aids and other resource directories, in addition to including a wide array of guided modules for survivors to watch and listen to.

As survivors take the time to expand their resource networks, the unifying features of the SAFEAPP may be extremely useful. Although we may feel alone, SAFEAPP will include a section dedicated to survivor stories in order to bring a sense of community to the platform. Survivors will be able to interact with one another and are given the opportunity to work with trauma writers to help discover and unlock their own creative abilities. Writing, for many survivors, is not only a therapeutic exercise, but can also be the first step in rediscovering your voice and confidence.

This description only begins to scratch the surface of what HHT has in store for SAFEAPP. HHT plans on fundraising in the upcoming months and has been fortunate to receive a donation from an anonymous Toronto foundation to help launch the SAFEAPP™. Moving forward, our goal at HHT is to give survivors a sense of community, unity, and power through healing and speaking with people who have experienced and healed from similar forms of trauma. The SAFEAPP will offer the highest quality resources for survivors of sexual assault, making the healing process as comfortable as possible. 

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