UPDATE NOTES: September 9, 2020 Hope, Healing & Transformation is continually working to enhance app features and improve your user experience. Recent feature updates include a Dark Mode option (found in the app Settings menu), and “Remember Me” for easier log-in. We’ve also improved the SAFESTORIES interface*. (Please see special notes below.)

You can expect even more features and enhancements coming to SAFEAPP™ soon. For the best SAFEAPP™ experience please be sure to install the latest version from the App Store or Google Play Store. Thank you for using SAFEAPP™.


*SAFESTORIES notes: The SAFESTORIES feature of SAFEAPP™ is just that – SAFE. The content you put into your SAFESTORIES belongs to you, and remains privately accessible only to you. SAFESTORIES can be thought of as a personal journaling tool. The content you put into your SAFESTORIES resides in the app and is device-centric, which is to say that it does not go into the cloud, is not accessible by Hope, Healing, & Transformation, and is not viewable by other users of SAFEAPP™. Nor does your SAFESTORIES content automatically transfer to other devices you sign into with your SAFEAPP™ log-on.

It is therefore important to remember that if you delete SAFEAPP™ from your device, your SAFESTORIES content will be deleted along with it. This includes instances in which SAFEAPP™ is deleted and then re-installed. However, if you are merely updating SAFEAPP™ that is currently on your device to the latest version via the App Store or the Google Play Store, your SAFESTORIES content should automatically and safely be retained in the updated app. But just to be SAFE, Hope, Healing, & Transformation recommends that you consider backing up your personal SAFESTORIES content through your backup method of preference before updating from one version of the app to the next.

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