Andrea Constand walking in courthouse to testify, light blue coat

Improving the reporting process for victims is crucial to gaining their trust. The lens through which law enforcement agencies see survivors is critical to maximizing credibility and getting convictions. Our goal at Hope Healing and Transformation is to educate, inform and transform this process.

Andrea ConstandDirector, Hope Healing and Transformation

Andrea Constand, Executive Director of Hope Healing and Transformation (HHT) has collaborated with professionals and advisors on a wide spectrum of healing modalities to develop a holistic SAFEAPP program to help other survivors build a strong foundation in self-care and healing. The path to healing is a very personal and non-linear journey. Learning to cope with stress, developing skills in letting go, and understanding triggers as well as how to cope with them is the key to lifelong success in healing. Our experienced and knowledgeable group of program developers, board members and advisory team will greatly enhance our missions.

Photo: AP