Spotlight On Donors

On behalf of Hope Healing and Transformation, we would like to thank Seema Akhtar, a talented and inspiring self-taught artist who has been generous enough to donate 50% of all art-work proceeds to our foundation. Her painting process is playful, emotional and intuitive.

Seema’s inspiration is the beauty of nature and the magic of music, song lyrics and words. Her paintings are usually made up of many layers, with the first layer often being words from a poem or a song lyric scrawled onto the panel. Sometimes these words poke through the finished piece, and sometimes they are a hidden message for the viewer to intuit.

Seema is also motivated by a desire to contribute to her community. Since the beginning of the pandemic, she has generously been donating 50% of all proceeds to foundations across Canada. We would like to thank Seema for her contributions in helping support and empower survivors of sexual assault on their healing path.

Blessings, from all of us at HHT for your generosity and all you do to make the world for survivors a safer and better place.

To View Seema’s Art: