Molly Maeve is a survivor who has dedicated her life to helping other survivors find their own voices and share their stories. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Molly has studied the craft of writing for four decades, winning awards for fiction and investigative journalism. She currently supports several nonprofit organizations as Director of Communications, and works closely with survivors as a memoir coach, editor, and ghostwriter.

Survivors know what it’s like to have untold stories trapped inside us. We rarely get to tell them ourselves, if at all, and certainly not on our own terms. Many survivors instead shut down and lose their voices altogether. As survivors, we can empower ourselves, and each other, through supportive virtual writing communities and collaborations, to reclaim our narratives and share our experiences with the world.

While most survivors may never see justice, the process of sorting through traumatic events to create a self-directed narrative can be incredibly healing.  Through telling our stories, we see how our lived experience can help others, and put the darkest chapters of the past behind us. We move forward with more clarity and learn how to help others, and with support and guidance, this can be an incredibly empowering experience.

SAFESTORIES can provide this support and guidance. We can create a path for survivors who want to tell their stories in their own words, as well as a community and platform to share these stories with the world. 

SAFESTORIES will showcase survivor stories and bring a sense of community to the SAFEAPP. This feature will provide a platform for survivors to submit and share their original work. Future features will include interactive components that enable survivors to meet and find support in the form of virtual writing rooms, partners, and mentors. SAFESTORIES will include a Notepad to encourage the writing process. Survivors will be encouraged to submit their stories in the form of memoir, creative non-fiction, and poetry. The feature can be expanded to include podcasts, music, film, and other forms of expression.

This is an important moment in history for us as individuals, and as a larger movement of survivors in recovery. SAFESTORIES can empower survivors to steer a new trauma-informed, survivor-driven narrative, and help fulfill the world’s demand for our voices. Let’s raise our individual and collective voices and share our stories in the most empowering and powerful ways possible. We hope you will join us.

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